Particles Like Planets

So rad opening for Lifehouse the other night! Thanks to the dj from the mix for the intro!

ANOTHER Drum Cover from our own Mikey Tucker.Underoath Check it out!

Mikey Tucker Rejoins Particles Like Planets. New Album out 2013.
Get the FREE debut album “The Owl In The Archer” at

Mikey Tucker Rejoins Particles Like Planets. New Album out 2013.

Get the FREE debut album “The Owl In The Archer” at

an oldie but a goodie!

Officially in pre-production for the new album!

we are very excited! hope you are too! 


Our Covers & full length album are both available FREE at




We want you guys to have a gift from us to you.. until our next record releases.. We are making “The Owl In The Archer” FREE on Bandcamp. We love you guys. All we ask is you continue to share our music and REBLOG this post.. who doesn’t like FREE music? Thank you ♥


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In case you missed it! You can now download our record.. FOR FREEEEEEEE

New Album: Particles Like Planets

A lot of people have been asking me about the new album. How it’s going to sound.. and More so when it’s going to be released..

The truth is I don’t know.. 

When we recorded “The Owl In The Archer” We spent a few months writing night after night after night… We recorded the album ourselves in about a month and speed through getting it mastered/ printing physical copies through easy distribution. 

We were ok with this because being in a band like ours was seriously special to us and we wanted nothing more than to get it out there ASAP.

Now that we’ve got a decent amount of shows under our belt (in and out of state) and seemed to have generated somewhat of a following we want to make sure this next record is done right all the way around. Not just for us, but for YOU guys. 

I sincerely believe PLP is an against the grain kind of project.. We’re clouded in a scene we are nothing like and we are doing our best to clear the smoke to be seen by many. We love the support we have gained through friends, family, and new fans over the internet or by word of mouth. Just by sharing our music you really give us a chance to expand and open so many doors for us.. even if you show your 11 year old little sibling.. that goes a long way for us. It means a lot to read the comments on youtube everyday, see people make tumblr gifs of us, or people using our music in their videos(kayla sheldon and airsoft GI <3) and reading new fans comments on facebook.

So to get back on topic.. We are really going to take our time on this album.. For me personally.. after hearing Circa Survives new record “Violent Waves”.. I know I want to tap into something more for us. We are talking to a few producers and some very talented musician friends we’ve met along the way of our incredible journey so far. We feel like our engineering skills have risen so much since the first record that we should still do it ourselves.. but we are open to other options. 

We will still be playing shows in support of our first record up until we enter the studio to record our next album(you can go to our tour dates tab on facebook to see when and where). For now.. Shows, writing, and collaborating is the most important thing on our minds. 

We have some other things to announce.. but it’s a bit too early to share.. But with your help in sharing our music and supporting us we will be able to do so sooner. :)

Thank you so much

-Tyler & PLP

Once upon a time, We covered imaginary enemy by circa survive.. Then they put it on their Website.. Then anthony green wrote us and we all nearly died… THE END